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May 13, 2009

So Real, So Virtual

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Setting aside my fear of being exposed, I wrote the previous post.

In the year 2009, being single and feeling lonely has become a taboo. It is as if to be so is a betrayal of what it means to be a modern woman. You gotta be NUTS to believe that. A woman is a woman!  She will feel what she feels no matter what is expected of her. That’s what makes us…and pardon me for using this rundown term… “unpredictable.” No apologies. No excuses. What I wrote is not who I am, it was how I felt at that particular time. Every word of it is true. Or was true. And I don’t know if I will feel it again…or when… or not… See how the word “unpredictable” works here?

Thank you for all your comments, serious or otherwise. I may not agree with all that was said back but I do appreciate that you felt it worthy of your time to read this young blog from a newbie blogger and drop a line or two…or more! (lol) There are some though whose words felt so connected to me because I felt understood… special thanks to Kat and to Niegel.

I love radio. Almost 14 years on it and I can still say I really love my job. But this blogging thing…it offers something different. I don’t know yet what that is exactly but I think I’m gonna like it! It’s so real…but so virtual.

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