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May 20, 2009

Flexing My Puny Cyber Muscles

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Photo 2

Wow, serious.

Photo 3

Um, I see a hint of a smile…

Photo 4

Finally, a smile!

Photo 6

This is happy in full bloom. Naks!

Photo 7

Ay, pa-cute!

Photo 8

After Tuesday’s show…we were still on an adrenalin high.


My Point of View, Literally!

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This is my view from my dining room.

This is my view from my dining room.

So, I do know that I have to go multi-media with my blog. I should include pictures, videos, songs, etc. However, because my techie brain is still on Pentium 1 I am having to learn and absorb things slllooowlllyyy. Anyway, here’s a pic I already posted on twitter but I would like to use it again as a test pic for my blog. (secretly I am patting my own shoulder for having figured it out with no help at all. I know, no big deal because it isn’t that hard at all to do! But you don’t know how it is for techno idiots like me. This is a big deal…for idiots. lol.)

May 19, 2009


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I befriended two classmates in yoga class. They’re sisters, both moms, both very friendly and they both cheer up the ladies locker room with their laughter. Anyway, this exchange really cracked me up. I was still laughing in the car on my way home. It felt like it was a scene in a romantic comedy movie. Yeah, the movie in my mind, right? Here’s the funny conversation I had with one of the sisters…as I remember it…

Lady: Are you married, Delle?

(She asks me out of the blue)

Me: No, I’m not yet married.

Lady: Ha? Wait, how old are you na ba?

(I start to think I’m not going to like where this is headed)

Me: I’m 35.

(As I flash a big smile. Fine, I admit I was waiting for a compliment…lol)

Lady: Really?

Me: Yup, I’m 35.

(I say this smugly. But her smile fades quickly)

Lady: Boyfriend?

Me: None at the moment.

(She looks seriously worried and then says…)

Lady: Aba, e…anong plano mo?????

May 18, 2009

To All The Undecided and On-Limbo Grads

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I once had the distinct pleasure of being served by a waiter who was quite passionate about what he chose to do for a living. Rare, right? Usually people get into waitering/waitressing because it is one of the easiest jobs to get. Just look up most Hollywood stars and most of them, at one point or another, had done some waitressing to pay the bills and tide them over before their big break into celebritydom. No one grows up wanting to be a waiter or waitress. It is not in the list of ambitions our parents fed us to want to be. But this guy, he loved what he did for a living and it showed. If you ask him what is good on the menu, he will give you a detailed albeit not boring list of reasons why you should choose the pasta over the steak that particular day. He always served you with a smile. He seemed genuinely happy to see you walk in. He remembers what you like and what you don’t like and will anticipate it as soon as you arrive. He remembered one time I didn’t like onions in my salad and when he took my order he asked me if he should ask the chef to hold the onions. And this treatment wasn’t specific to me because I am a girl or some sort of personality, I saw him with other customers and he was just as enthusiastic about making sure they had a pleasurable time with their meals.

After another good meal, I started to chat him up. He was very friendly and warm and I was entertained with his conversation. Something that is again…rare. He excused himself with ease if another customer needed him for something. And then he’d come back and pick up the conversation where you left off. It was such a pleasure to be waited on by someone who had the heart of a servant, and who actually liked being a waiter. He wasn’t just someone who took your order, told the chef what you wanted, and presented you the bill when you were done eating. He took pleasure in waiting on you while you enjoyed the food he served. He wanted you to have a great time in their restaurant. The man went well beyond his duties as a server. As such, the  brief, daily, cursory obligation that was lunch or dinner took on to mean so much more than just meal.  It was a really great time!

That experience made me acutely aware that it hardly matters what you do for a living or what you choose for a career in this world, as long as it is something you can throw yourself into and enjoy. Yes, of course we want high paying jobs. Yes, of course we want to achieve success with the  financial gains that come along with it. And yes, we want to have a certain amount of distinction for what we have chosen for a career. But, it is my belief, that in the great scheme of things, what we do is not the point of having a career or a job. The point is to throw yourself into something and get to know life better and enjoy life through what you have chosen to do. And knowing life better is really about knowing ourselves better.

I don’t want to pontificate. I just want to write this for all the graduates who are in the crossroads of their life…for those who are still undecided on what to do with the rest of their lives EVEN with a degree in hand. Maybe these thoughts help…

When I graduated from my four-year course in university, I remember asking: “Four years of education, but what exactly am I good for?” and “Diploma accomplished. Now what?” Well, whatever it is that you will end up choosing… or whatever gets forced upon you by life and circumstance, the hope is that it will be a career that will bring you happiness, fulfillment, financial gain, and the distinction we all want at the end of the day.

Let me end this post with a quote from the movie “Without Limits” that starred Billy Crudup (Prefontaine) and Donald Sutherland (Bill Bowerman, founder of Nike). The movie is based on the life of runner Steve Prefontaine and his relationship with his coach. Enjoy!

“Men of Oregon, I invite you to become students of your events. Running, one might say, is basically an absurd pastime upon which to be exhausting ourselves. But if you can find meaning in the kind of running you have to do to stay on this team…chances are you can find meaning in another absurd pastime: Life.”

Bill Bowerman

May 13, 2009

So Real, So Virtual

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Setting aside my fear of being exposed, I wrote the previous post.

In the year 2009, being single and feeling lonely has become a taboo. It is as if to be so is a betrayal of what it means to be a modern woman. You gotta be NUTS to believe that. A woman is a woman!  She will feel what she feels no matter what is expected of her. That’s what makes us…and pardon me for using this rundown term… “unpredictable.” No apologies. No excuses. What I wrote is not who I am, it was how I felt at that particular time. Every word of it is true. Or was true. And I don’t know if I will feel it again…or when… or not… See how the word “unpredictable” works here?

Thank you for all your comments, serious or otherwise. I may not agree with all that was said back but I do appreciate that you felt it worthy of your time to read this young blog from a newbie blogger and drop a line or two…or more! (lol) There are some though whose words felt so connected to me because I felt understood… special thanks to Kat and to Niegel.

I love radio. Almost 14 years on it and I can still say I really love my job. But this blogging thing…it offers something different. I don’t know yet what that is exactly but I think I’m gonna like it! It’s so real…but so virtual.

May 11, 2009

The Truth About This Single Girl…

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The truth is, some days, maybe because things have not worked out…maybe because it is taking so long…I doubt if I even have a “happy ever after” of my own..

The truth is, no matter how strong you know you can be, you just want someone to be on your side…maybe not to fight for you but just to be there to hold your hand when you’re done fighting for yourself…

The truth is, sometimes I get so scared at the life ahead of me becuase it is so uncertain I pray to high heavens to open up the earth and swallow me…

The truth is, sometimes this single girl feels like an outsider looking in when I see how happy my friends are with the one they love…

The truth is I sometimes wonder if I have been wrong all along believing and hoping that my turn will come…

May 4, 2009

Praying for a Prius

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Okay, so today I got the Toyota Prius from Chico. He got to drive it for a week and today it’s my turn to get a feel of this eco-friendly car. Now, what most people worry about…speed freaks like me, at least is…will it be as fast as the normal car? The answer is a resounding — Oh, my god, YES!!!

Granting that I haven’t taken it out of town, which I will soon with the help of some friends hopefully, the way it responds to your speed need is totally awesome. IT RESPONDS! What makes it  eco-friendly is that it uses both electricity and fuel to get the car going. You lessen your gas emissions when it is using electricity via the battery of the car. Also the battery charges itself! Everytime you step on the brakes, the heat generated is used to charge the battery. Oh, and did I mention it is a super quiet ride? It is. Sometimes Chico and I look at each other as if to ask, “Is the engine on?” Yup, that’s how quiet it is. Quieter than my lovelife. (Oops, I’m blogging about the Prius not love…well, not yet.)

So, as an exercise and to try out something new I learned in my search of truth, love, and light in this life, I will send this request to the great cosmic void believing that whatever I ask for is already mine. I WANT MY VERY OWN PRIUS. There. Request sent.

Maybe I’ll tweet Julia Roberts for tips on the Prius…

May 1, 2009

It’s My Debut

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Everyone wants to have their say. On anything and everything. So, what’s another voice among the throng? As if I don’t talk too much already. Just the same, here I am leaving my own imprint on the worldwideweb:

Hello, world! Here I am. Out of the abundance of the heart, the fingers type!

The question was always, “What else have I got to say after talking and chatting through 4 hours everyday, 5 times a week on the radio?” But maybe there is more to say…

Maybe there is more to give I just don’t know about…

Maybe I’m just bored! Whatever it is, Imma gonna give it a try.

(Don’t look now, Delle. But you’re on your 3rd paragraph already. So, maybe there is more to extract from this warped brain encased in your thick skull. Let’s see where this road leads…)

Welcome to my very own brand-spankin’-new blog!

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